A La Carte Meals Served by ChinaTourOnline.com Now

Want to enrich your China trip with authentic Chinese food and order only food pleasing your palate? Poor food always is a major tourist complaint in China. We believe a la carte meals can make your visit to China an even more memorable one.

Why Go A La Carte?

Your meals will be served at carefully selected fine local restaurants popular among local people instead of average restaurants catering to tourists only which are surrounded by shopping stores.
You are the one who decide what to eat rather than being served mass-produced table d’hote.
Experience the daily life of Chinese people and meantime feel the real essence of Chinese culture, such as how Chinese use chopsticks and what they do when dining.

Where to Have A La Carte Meals?

ChinaTourOnline.com, setting clients’ travel experience as top priority, has chosen some popular local restaurants with fine food and decor for you to experience the profound Chinese food culture.

Restaurants in Beijing

The first restaurant we use in Beijing is a vegetarian restaurant which is located close to Yonghe Lamasery. The restaurant is decorated in Buddhist style supplying delicate vegetarian food. Fresh vegetarian materials are made into meat-like dishes, and it is hard to identify what the original materials are. The most special part is Buddhist music will be playing while you are enjoying the meat-like vegetarian dishes. Vegetarian sausage is the highly recommended dish.
On the day of visiting Great Wall, our luxury clients will enjoy the lunch in a home-made style restaurant. The restaurant is decorated in royal style where dragons, the symbol of emperors are easy to see everywhere in the restaurant. It features Jia Chang Cai, namely family style dishes which are the combination of different Chinese cuisines and belong to no individual cuisine style. Poached Sliced Pork in Hot Chili Oil, Kung Pao Chicken and other famous Chinese cuisine could be tasted here.
Our respectable clients will end their Beijing tour with a delicate Roast Duck meal in a well decorated restaurant. A series of Peking Roast Duck will serve for you including crisp Duck meat, thick Duck Soup and fragrant Duck Bone dishes.
(In these three restaurants we will arrange the best and the most popular dishes for you and a la carte service will be provided soon.)

Restaurants in Shanghai

In Shanghai, you will have a choice to have a try on authentic Shanghai Cuisine, also called Ben Bang Cai. The restaurant is opened in a quiet old house with Shanghai featured decoration. Under the warm light, dozens of typical Shanghai cuisines are tantalizing your taste bud. Red-cooked Pork, Smoked Fish, and Shredded Chicken are the famous dishes. (We will arrange the best and the most popular dishes for you. The a la carte service will be provided soon.)

Restaurants in Xian

On the day of visiting Terracotta Army, you will be led to experience a southern Shaanxi featured cuisine. As one of the most popular restaurants, both the dishes and service will never disappoint you. You could order from the menu as you wish, and we will give you some suggestions as following: Tofu with Vegetables, Cold Rice Noodles, Chopped cabbage in soup, etc.
The other restaurant is a Cantonese cuisine restaurant which is located in the city’s hub. Steaming and stir-frying are the favorite cooking methods in Cantonese cuisine with an emphasis on bringing out the natural flavor of the materials. Cantonese dishes look fresh and mild, and taste tender and crisp. Chinese Yam in Double Juices, Frozen Tofu and Sweet and Sour Pork are most recommended dishes.

Restaurants in Guilin

We have selected a restaurant which provides dozens of snacks and also tasty dishes. The menu is bilingually written which is convenient for you to make the order. Pork Fillet in Chilli Sauce, Soup Bun, Spring Roll are the most popular dishes.

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