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Shanghai travel guides and reviews from real Shanghai travelers

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Alysa 's Travel Reviews : (2958 views)
Shanghai, the Paris of the Orient, is perhaps China's most enigmatic city. It is also China's most modern city, with high-rise office blocks, luxury shopping malls and haute-cuisine restaurants jostling for position with the historic Bund and the ol
klajaune 's Travel Reviews : (2488 views)
There are at least a year's worth of things to do and see in this marvelous city. Yet, we found worth while souvenirs a bit hard to come by. So when we visited this Temple, we were pleasantly surprised to find a gift shop with unusual and well pric
Lin Hazel 's Travel Reviews : (2479 views)
Shanghai in late winter is nothing but dreary. Although on the cusp of spring, the city maintains a cold elegance that remains alluring. This modern city exudes a timeless style, while quietly and quickly expanding its countless skyscrapers and build
Lim Hui Sin 's Travel Reviews : (3018 views)
Of Shanghai’s myriad attractions, cantering through the streets of city can make for one of the most insightful and interesting. Here’s the lowdown on some of the prettiest streets in Shanghai. Huaihai Road Huaihai Road is a thriving commercia
Simple Tomi 's Travel Reviews : (3804 views)
The bird’s-eye view of Shanghai, as you land in Pu dong International airport, gives you an idea about how well-planned the city is. The tallest buildings Shanghai World Financial Center and Jin Mao Tower stand proudly and can be seen amidst a wisp o
Simple Tomi 's Travel Reviews : (2235 views)
Shanghai, the expo-fame city is situated at the coastal area of central part of China. Shanghai takes pride in having the most magnificent skyline in the world. Puxi, the old city with ancient buildings and Pu Dong, the new city with ultra modern bui
Leah OHearn 's Travel Reviews : (3344 views)
The old Jewish areas of Hongkou district are a fascinating place to while away a few hours wandering. Centred on Huoshan Road and Zhoushan Road, the area was long associated with Jewish immigrants, while Shanghai as a whole was once termed “the Noah’
Simple Tomi 's Travel Reviews : (3979 views)
Shanghai is located at the eastern coast of China and sits at the mouth of Yangtze River. Initially a fishing village further developed into a textile business town, Shanghai later grew as the commercial centre of China. Attractions: Being a h
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