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Alysa 's Travel Reviews : (4478 views)
Whilst Xi'an's Terracotta warriors are famed the world over as one of history's greatest archaeological discoveries, and are a necessary point of call for most culturally-minded tourists, Xi'an holds another archaeological wonder, another symbol of t
Alysa 's Travel Reviews : (2954 views)
Xi'an is one of China's most intriguing cities, for its heady mix of history, culture and modernity. The most imposing sight in Xi'an is undoubtedly the well preserved city walls. They only encompass a relatively small area of 12km, but effectively
Ben Arterburn 's Travel Reviews : (2620 views)
Hua Shan, One of China’s five sacred Daoist Mountains, a couple of hours east of Xi’an lies one of Shaanxi’s greatest attractions, especially for those travellers with a taste for adventure. At the highest of its five peaks, Hua Shan is around 2000 m
shimnan 's Travel Reviews : (1935 views)
I was there for my study trip back in 2007.. We were there for about 2 weeks since we are doing our 'Heritage Studies' for our Bachelor Degree in Architecture.. We need to study about the building and the history behind the beautiful architecture.. O
Leah OHearn 's Travel Reviews : (4832 views)
Xian is a city full of history. It was called Chang’an in the past, meaning “perpetual peace”, and it carried out this promise of stability by being home to 13 dynasties. The first of these dynasties produced the Terracotta Warriors, which rise proud
Steven Douglass 's Travel Reviews : (3042 views)
The central part of Xi’an City remains encompassed by a large, imposing grey brick wall. This was initially built to enclose the grounds of the emperor’s home and gardens, back when Xi’an was the capital city of China. The wall protected the city
Steven Douglass 's Travel Reviews : (4989 views)
It is true that many visitors to Xi’an will spend only a short time there, perhaps only as a brief stop to see the Terracotta Warriors. In fact there are many other historical sites to see in the area, which are very easy to get to. Aside from the ci
Simple Tomi 's Travel Reviews : (7353 views)
Xi’an with more than 3,100 years of history is a significant ancient capital among four great ancient capitals of China. Xi’an still has its ancient charm and splendor and is the current capital city of the Shaanxi Province. If Beijing’s fame lies in
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