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Changzhou is a prefecture-level city in southern Jiangsu with 2,500 years history. It has previously been known as Yanling, Lanling, Jinling, or Wujin. Changzhou is located on the southern bank of the Yangtze River and borders the provincial capital Nanjing to the west, Zhenjiang to the northwest, Wuxi to the east, and the province of Zhejiang to the south. The city is situated in the affluent Yangtze Delta region of China.

The history of Changzhou traces back to the beginning of the Western Zhou Dynasty when the original town was founded as a commandery in 221 B.C. Changzhou got its current name, meaning "ordinary prefecture", in 589 A.D., and after the Grand Canal was constructed, the town became a canal port and transshipment point. Much later during the Taiping Rebellion period, there was much municipal construction including palaces and government offices to house leaders of the dynasty. During the 1920s, Changzhou started to attract mill owners in its cotton industry, which eventually led Changzhou to become a national textile center in China.

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