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Situated 7km south-west of E’meishan City, Sichuan Province, upstream of the Yangtze River, Emei Mountain is a scenic spot and one of the four most famous Buddhist Mountains in China, boasting magnificence and elegance.

The main peak of the Emei Mountain, called Wanfo Peak, is 3079.3m above sea-level. The lofty peaks are beautifully decorated with green wooded areas, lending Emei a unique elegance. Despite its beauty, it is so huge that climbing a present some difficulties, especially for the weak. The mountain is however equipped with cable-cars to make the ascent, especially for travelers, that bit more restful. Gazing at the sunrise over the clouds above the mountain is a wonderful experience, with the view of the glittering Buddha both marvelous and mysterious. Emei Mountain has a variety of temples, in which housed many are exquisite Buddhism antiques. The spiritual importance of Emei is such that many old Buddhists will spend several days in climbing up the mountain by foot.  

Emei Mountain is also famous for its affluent animal and plant resources. Many rare and endangered animal and plant species can be seen, and the mountain is populated by many monkeys, which will beg for food by the road.

*You can download the bilingual note to show it to a taxi driver or someone else to find your way to Emei Mountain if you plan to visit Emei Mountain and have language problems.



Chinese Pinyin: E Mei Shan
Opening Times: 07:00-19:00(May. 1-Oct. 7); 07:00-18:00(Oct. 8-Apr. 30)
Location: Southwest of Emeishan City

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