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Situated in the northeast of the state-protected Sanxingdui Site, adjacent to the Xiyazi River in the historical and cultural Guanghan City, Sanxingdui Museum is a modern themed museum in China, 40 km north of Chengdu City. The museum had its foundation laid in August 1992, and opened to the public in October, 1997. The entire museum covers an area of 530 mu (3180 acres).

The main building is combined with the landscape, historical relics and the posture of the antiques, which show the primitive flavor and modernity together. Outside the museum, there is a unique layout of hills, lakes and plants, exhibiting a special interrelation of museum and garden.

Sanxingdui Museum is a complex integrated unit with many functions such as antique collection and protection, research study, social education and so on. It also focuses on collecting and exhibiting the Sanxingdui Relics, and the bronze, jade, metal, pottery, bone utensils excavated in the Sacrifice Pit in Shang Dynasty with modern science and technology, and advanced management.

Antiques excavated from Sanxingdui are the precious human cultural relics, which are some of the most valuable in the study of history, science, culture and art, with the greatest ornamental features in the mountainous collections of Chinese antiques. The unique bronzes in the collection of antiques include the bronze human figures, bronze masks, bronze sacred trees, which are rare all over the world.

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Chinese Pinyin: San Xing Dui
Opening Times: 08:30-18:00
Address: Guanghan City
Phone: 0838-5500349
How to Get to: Buses: North of the city bus station, every 15 minutes


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