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Alysa 's Travel Reviews : (2775 views)
It has to be said that for a species with a wild population around 2,000, the Giant Panda receives perhaps an undue level of attention. It is the symbol of the World Wildlife Fund, moreover was pretty much ubiquitous at the recent Olympic Games and i
Atravel 's Travel Reviews : (2750 views)
I have to say that both Babi clubs are my favorite clubs in Chengdu. Babi II is smaller than Babi III but just as wild and fun. They are both always packed with joyous and welcoming locals who are always willing to invite you to their table to have d
Ayham 's Travel Reviews : (1341 views)
If you search simple and near business hotel, try tajini hotel. it is so quiet and the service is good. ...
Ayham 's Travel Reviews : (2518 views)
Never go out without getting the address of you hotel written in Chinese symbols. Otherwise, you will be easily astray. ...
Ryan Mann 's Travel Reviews : (4561 views)
Chengdu was my starting point on a two-week trip through Sichuan province. My main destinations were Emei Shan and Le Shan, but Chengdu was a necessary stop on the way. With abundant restaurants and a touch of the natural beauty found elsewhere in Si
's Travel Reviews : (1846 views)
The Tandoor is the finest Indian restaurant chain in China which was established in 1994. The intimate design of the restaurant, the authentic food, the excellent service, as well as the mysteriously romantic atmosphere make it one of the best exotic
Simple Tomi 's Travel Reviews : (5024 views)
Situated at the centre of Chengdu Plain, Chengdu covers an area about 12.3 thousand square kilometers of Sichuan Province. It is the capital of Sichuan Province, the ‘Heavenly State’ (Tian Fu Zhi Guo) and is rich with natural resources. Two rivers, M
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