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Chengdu Travel Tips No 1: Giant Panda
The Giant Panda is regarded as China’s “national treasure”. If you don’t have time to go to Wolong Panda Reserve, then Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is also a good choice to see the rare animal-panda. Please be noticed that the cool morning is the best time to appreciate panda. There are giant panda reservation donation project in the base, therefore, travelers can adopt their loved panda or offer donation to other scientific items about panda here.  

 Chengdu Travel Tips No 2: Dujiangyan Scenic Area
Here the Dujiangyan Scenic Area refers to a series of attractions located on the south of Dujiangyan City and middle reaches of Min River including Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, Erwang Temple, Qinyan Building, Fulong Temple as well as Lidui Park. There are tourist service office and shopping center in the scenic area... Travelers could appreciate the expansion pack about Dujiangyan Project. Meanwhile, the tourism consultation and guide service are also available here.

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Never go out without getting the address of you hotel written in Chinese symbols. Otherwise, you will be easily astray. ...

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