China Travel Tips

Visiting China for the first time? Welcome to China! We are very happy to provide you some tips for your China travel, and hope they will be helpful. The following are some frequently asked questions, please read them and hope they will help you to experience a wonderful China trip.

    China Travel Essential
    • Language     • Chinese Etiquette
    • Climate and Clothing     • Safety and Emergency
    China Travel Documents
    • Entry Regulations     • Exit Regulations
    • China Visa     • Passport
    China Tour Planning
    • How to Pack for China     • Health Issue
    • China Travel Insurance     • Chinese Money
    • Credit Cards, ATMs     • Traveler's Checks
    Traveling in China
    • Tours in China     • Hotels in China
    • Air Travel in China     • Train Travel in China
    • Taxi     • Public Transportation
    • Food and Dinning     • Shopping in China
    • Entertainment     • Email & Internet
    • Telephone and Cell Phone     • Post Service
    Tips on Special Destinations
    • About Yangtze River Cruises     • About Tibet Tour
    • About Silk Road
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