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Chongqing is the largest and most populous of China's four provincial-level municipalities. The municipal abbreviation, Yu, was approved by the State Council on April 18th, 1997. Chongqing is the major economic center in the upper Yangtze region, being an important manufacturing base. It is also the principal transportation hub in southwestern China. and is the transportation hub.  

Located at the eastern edge of the Sichuan Basin, Chongqing is located next to Hubei, with Hunan to the east, Guizhou to the south and Shaanxi to the north. The city center area is situated at the juncture of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers. Moreover, as the city is spread around a mountain, Chongqing is also known as the “Mountain City”. Indeed, a night-time view of the mountain city, worth its myriad of twinkling lights underneath the shining stars, is a truly unforgettable sight.   

Chongqing is a city with a rich cultural heritage stretching back more than 3,000 years. It is a cradle of Bayu (Sichuan area) culture. In 1891, Chongqing became the first inland port to allow foreign commerce. With the approval of the central government, Chongqing became the forth municipality of China and by 1996 had become the spearhead of Western China's development.  

Chongqing is endowed with rich natural scenery, boasting mountains, rivers, forests springs, waterfalls, gorges and caves. It also showcases the area's rich cultural heritage, including the minority Bayu culture, Three Gorges and the modern, developed city itself-including the Yangtze River Cruises and Dazu Grottoes. Chongqing is also a Chinese revolution heritage area, and visitors interested in this period of China's history can take in the Martyr's Cemetery at Gele Mountain; the Site of the Chongqing Negotiation; Bai Residence and Zhazi Cave. In addition, Sichuan food, especially Sichuan hotpot, is a must-try.

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Phoenix Tso's Chongqing Travel Guide : (4476 views)
At sunset, we walked down to the harbor to board our ship for the Yangtze River boat cruise that my mom had booked us on. As we neared the water, five men, bony, with thick, tanned, and weathered skin, walked towards us. After walking a little cl
Simple Tomi's Chongqing Travel Guide : (3798 views)
Chongqing situated between Sichuan Province and Guizhou Province has a long history of 3000 years. Its location near Jialing River and Yangtze River made it a prominent place for travelers and merchants in olden times and Chongqing became famous. Wit

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