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Chongqing situated between Sichuan Province and Guizhou Province has a long history of 3000 years. Its location near Jialing River and Yangtze River made it a prominent place for travelers and merchants in olden times and Chongqing became famous. With the largest area and population, Chongqing is the fourth municipality in China. Few minority groups like Han, Tibetan, and Miao also live in Chongqing that has an area of 82, 400 square kilometer.

Chongqing is a hilly place with semi-tropical climate, and annual average temperature comes around 18 degrees Celsius. Summer is hot and humid compared to other places in China. Chongqing is notorious for foggy atmosphere due to pollution and that is what spared them during Second World War.

Important shopping centers in Chongqing are Jiefangbei, Shapingba Three Gorges Square and Guanyinqiao Walking Street. While in Chongqing you can buy products that echo Chongqing culture. ‘Shu’ or ‘Chuan’ embroidery is one among the famous embroidery styles in China that flourished since Han Dynasty. You can select from plenty of embroidery products that make wonderful souvenirs. Jiangjin Swelled Rice Candy with glutinous rice and nuts as main ingredients is a special snack in Chongqing.

Food and Nightlife
Sichuanese cuisine has highly influenced Chongqing cuisine when it comes to its rich taste. Thick soup, strong flavors and spice make the dishes unique. Few must – try dishes when you are traveling to Chongqing are Beef Jerky, Chongqing Hotpot, Beef Hotpot, and Meat with Crispy Rice, etc.…

Chongqing Acrobatics is well-known throughout the world and is highly recommended entertainment to see while traveling in Chongqing. Dragon Lantern Dance of Chongqing that accompanied by drumbeats and fireworks is a specialty during festivals and celebrations.


Dazu Grottoes
Dazu Grottoes situated near Sichuan basin is the top attraction in Chongqing. It is 167 kilometers from the city and can be reached by bus that starts from Chongqing West Bus Station. Dazu Grottoes are an excellent example of Grotto or Cave Carving Art in China. Marvelous carving techniques are used in order to blend with the landform. Hence it is also known as ‘Artistic Palace of Tang ad Song Dynasties’. With 40 rock carvings and more than 50,000 statues, Dazu is home to rock carving of which two are very famous; Baodingshan and Beishan.

Ci Qi Kou Old Town
About an hour drive from city centre and four kilometers from Shapingba District, Ci Qi Kou Old Town is a main business centre. It is also known as Porcelain Town as porcelain making used to be the industry here earlier. Porcelain is still made and sold in few shops. This town is a pedestrian area and is an excellent place to get the feel of old Chongqing. Narrow allies are lined with small shops, tea houses and restaurants. A boat restaurant where food and stay can be arranged is also here. There is even ‘Face Changing’ Sichuan Opera performance at a tea house.

Wulong Karsts
Wulong Karsts is one among major attractions in Chongqing and became a UNESCO Natural Heritage in 2007. It is situated in Wulong County and about 110 kilometers away from downtown. It is unique among other karsts caves in China because of its natural and untouched beauty. Three most important Wulong Karsts are seen in Furong Cave, Three natural bridges and Houping Tiankeng. Furong Cave with 80 meter height is the biggest cave system in China while Three Natural Bridges is the largest natural bridge group in Asia. Gorges, natural bridges, streams, shafts and caves altogether create other- worldly yet beautiful karsts landscape. Its remoteness comes as a blessing for those who like to hike and explore. Many rare species of flora and fauna are also found in this area.

People’s Assembly Hall
Built between 1951 and 1954, People’s Assembly Hall was called Sino-Soviet building due to its architectural style. This ‘Temple of Heaven’ look- like building has an auditorium that can accommodate 4,000 people. At night, spectacular light show is conducted for the visitors. There is a large square in front of the building where people gather for official ceremonies. The People’s Assembly Hall is an eye-appealing sight during day and night. Only 10 Yuan is charged as an entrance fee to the Hall.

Chongqing, a modern city with beautiful attractions never disappoints its travelers.


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