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Extolled as the “Romantic Capital” and “Northern Pearl of China”, Dalian was given the honor of being named a “Model Environmental City” by the UN on Jun 5, 2001. It was the first city in China to receive this honor and only the second in Asia. Dalian is located in the southernmost part of the Liaodong Peninsula in northeast China, with the Yellow Sea to the east and the Bohai Sea to the west. It is one of the most important industrial cities and a main seaport of China.

Dalian is also a modern tourism city. It is famous for fashion, football and its annual beer festival. Every year, Dalian International Fashion Festival attracts thousands of dazzling celebrities, designers; pop stars and clothing merchants from both home and abroad. They come together to present a fashion-feast for the world.

Unlike the Chinas ancient cities (i.e. Beijing, Xian, Hangzhou, and Nanjing etc.), which possess numerous historical relics and ruins, temple and museums, and focus tourism on their long history and rich culture, Dalian offers a totally different experience for visitors. It is a famous summer resort with beautiful scenery and pleasant environment. The Southern Coast, the Bangchuidao Scenic Area, Lushun Port and the Bingyu Valley bring visitors by thousands in the warmer months. Dalian provides the visitor a chance to relax by the sea and enjoy the clean air, while still also offering plenty of shopping, bars, and restaurants to keep busy.

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Lin Hazel's Dalian Travel Guide : (4951 views)
Dalian lies snugly on the Liaodong Peninsula in Liaoning province, surrounded by the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea. North Korea lies on the east, just across the Korea Bay. The most modern city in relatively rural northeast China, Dalian is well-connected
Ben Arterburn's Dalian Travel Guide : (5244 views)
It's easy to travel around China without ever setting foot on a beach. On my first visit, the only glimpse I caught of the sea was during my descent into Pudong Airport. While there are plenty of other sights to keep you occupied in China, a simple w

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