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The museum stands in the ancient castle on the east slope of Xinghai Square. Displaying some 7,000 specimens of the world’s rare shellfish; it is the biggest professional shell museum in Asia.
Shellfish originated somewhere in the early Paleozoic (6 million years ago) period, providing insights to natural evolution from the observation of their different shapes and complex functions.
Shapes: The largest shell displayed is named “Private King”. It is 3.4 m long and 0.8 m wide. The weightiest one is the tridacna, which weighs dozens of kg. However, the lightest and smallest Shabei is only a millimeter, visible only under a magnifying glass. Shell shapes vary from round, flat fan-shaped or irregular; the veining patterns include leopard grouper and peacock; while shell textures include contents such as jasper, agate and red gemstone.
Functions: Shellfish have a symbiotic relationship with Man. During the different historical periods, they were widely used as food, money, tools and decorative items. Man nurtures shellfish by leaving them with a pristine environment to thrive in while shellfish capture the romance of the sea in their sturdy shells for Man to appreciate.

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Chinese Pinyin: Bei Ke Bo Wu Guan
Address: No. 600, West Binhai Rd.
Phone: 0411-84802938


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