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Dalian is a shopper’s paradise. The main shopping area is located in the bustling region to the front of the Dalian Railway Station. It consists of two major areas, Tianjin Shopping Street and Qingniwa Bridge. In addition, the Xian Road, Heping Square and Renmin Road business centers also sport large shopping complexes.

While rambling around Dalian, the traveler must not forget to buy some of the local specialties such as shell carving crafts, glasswork products, embroidery and other handicrafts.

Shell carvings come in many different shapes and forms in Dalian. From giant carved shells to scallop and trumpet shells, masters turn these gifts of the sea into beautiful handicrafts with renowned skill and craftsmanship. For the “fashionistas”, the best time to visit Dalian is in September during the annual Dalian International Fashion Festival, when it is possible to buy all the latest and most in vogue clothing from china and around the word.

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Dalian lies snugly on the Liaodong Peninsula in Liaoning province, surrounded by the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea. North Korea lies on the east, just across the Korea Bay. The most modern city in relatively rural northeast China, Dalian is well-connected
Ben Arterburn's Dalian shopping tips : (5244 views)
It's easy to travel around China without ever setting foot on a beach. On my first visit, the only glimpse I caught of the sea was during my descent into Pudong Airport. While there are plenty of other sights to keep you occupied in China, a simple w

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