Things to Do in Dalian

Dalian has so much tourist resources. Here is our list of top eight things to do in Dalian.

Top 8 Things to do in Dalian

1. Jinshitan Scenic Area
Encircled by sea all around, Jinshitan Scenic Area enjoys fresh air, clean sea water, spacious beach, which attracts numerous tourists, swimmers from both home and abroad. 

2. Laohutan Ocean Park
This is the only one 5A level tourist spot in Dalian

3. Bangchuidao Scenic Area
Bangchuidao Scenic Area, consisting of the islet, natural bathing place and Hotel, is a well known seashore resort with wonderful scenery of hills, sea, islet and beach.

4. Dalian Shell Museum
Dalian Shell Museum is one of the biggest shell museums in Asia, situated in a big castle.

5. Dalian International Fashion Festival
The annual Dalian International Fashion Festival is held from September 16 to 25, which has already become one of the most influential international theme events in China.

6. Bathing Place
There are many ideal bathing places for swimmers.

7. Seafood
Do not miss the typical seafood when traveling at Dalian.

8. Dalian International Beer Festival
Dalian International Beer Festival is another important event in Dalian.

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