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Dongguan is currently known as one of the economic engines of Guangdong, a fact which may lead travelers to believe it is of little interest to tourists. In fact, Dongguan has many historical spots, especially relics of the Opium War, also known as the Anglo-Chinese Wars, which lasted from 1839 to 1842 and 1856 to 1860. It has many fortifications used during the period, as well as other attractions and museums devoted to the era.

Of all the relics, the highest recommended is Humen Weiyuan Fort, one of the best-preserved and largest former forts in China. Dongguan’s Opium War Museum is an AAAA National Scenic Area which features a comprehensive collection of historical materials related to the Opium War. Shajiao Fort, another relic of the Opium War, was an important line of defense, protecting the city of Guangzhou together with Dajiao Fort. Dongguan’s Ke Yuan (Keyuan Garden), a classic Guangdong-style garden, also attracts a number of foreign tourists.

Travelers interested in the history of the Opium War or in Chinese gardens should give the lively city of Dongguan a try.

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