Dongguan Facts

Dongguan is a prefecture-level city in central Guangdong province.
Coordinates:  22°39′N to 23°09′N 113°31′E to 114°15′E
Country: China
Mayor: Li Yuquan
Population:  6.9498 Mmillion non-permanent residents at the end of 2008.
Currency: Yuan (Renminbi)
Language: Cantonese and Hakka
Time Zone: China Standard Time (UTC+8)

Area: 2,465 square kilometers
Administrative Divisions:  4 districts and 28 towns
Altitude: 20-60m
City Flower:  Yulan magnolia
Main Rivers: Dongjiang River, Shima Rover, Hanxi River
GDP(2008):  Total - 370.25 billion; Per capita – CNY 53,285 

Sister Cities: Hartford in the US, Thessaloniki in Greece

Dongguan Location - Where is Dongguan

Dongguan is located in middle and south Guangdong and in northeast Pearl River Delta, about 90 kilometers from Shenzhen in the south. The coordinates of Dongguan is 22°39′N to 23°09′N 113°31′E to 114°15′E. Dongguan is 47 sea miles to Hong Kong and 48 sea miles to Macao. See map of Dongguan to view the exact location of Dongguan. Dongguan Location Map

Dongguan Districts

Dongguan has totally 4 districts and 28 towns under its administration.

4 Districts: Guancheng District, Dongcheng District, Wanjiang District, Nancheng District

28 Towns: Mayong Town, Shilong Town, Humen Town, Daojiao Town, Shijie Town, Hongmei Town, Liaobu Town, Dalingshan Town, Dalang Town, Huangjiang Town, Zhangmutou Town, Fenggang Town, Tangxia Town, Qingxi Town, Changping Town, Qiaotou Town, Hengli Town, Dongkeng Town, Qishi Town, Shipai Town, Chashan Town, Chang'an Town, Gaobu Town, Shatian Town, Wangniudun Town, Xiegang Town, Zhongtang Town, Houjie Town

Dongguan Codes

Dongguan Postal Code: Dongguan zip codes range from 523000 to 523980. However, not all within the range are in use.

Dongguan Area Code: Internal dialing code is 0769 while international telephone calling code is +0086-0769.

Dongguan in Chinese

Learning how to read and say Dongguan in Chinese might be of help when you are traveling around the city.

Dongguan in Chinese Pinyin: dōng guǎn

How does Dongguan look in Chinese?

Dongguan in Chinese characters  Dongguan in traditional Chinese

How to say Dongguan in Chinese?    Click to play this audio file to learn how to correctly pronounce Dongguan in Chinese. Or you can download it to your hand device to help when you are traveling to Dongguan.

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