Dongguan Nightlife - An Entertainment Guide in Dongguan

In addition to being an economic engine of south China and the most energetic manufacturing city in China, Dongguan also has some traditional Chinese performances, which reflect the heritage of the Chinese people. Seeing some Cantonese Opera, a traditional southern Chinese style of opera, is a good way to pass an evening after a day of travel.

Dongguan also has many bars and coffee houses, where visitors can relax and enjoy themselves at night. Meanwhile, as an economic center, the city offers a number of shopping centers well suited for idle strolling.

Some of the squares in Dongguan are often performance sites where residents dance in groups. Visitors can participate in a lion dance and share a laugh with the locals.

Dongguan offers and array of entertainment options that can satisfy the interests of all types of travelers.

Shows and Performances in Dongguan

If you want to spend your nightlife in traditional Chinese way, you are advised to enjoy a Cantonese opera or lion dance, or listen to concert and see some performance in the opern.

Bars and Nightclubs in Dongguan

If you want to spend your night hours in modern and western way, try these bars and pubs.

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