Things to Do in Dongguan

Dongguan has so much tourist resources. Here is our list of top 7 things to do in Dongguan.

Top 7 Things to do in Dongguan

1. Opium War Museum
The AAAA National Scenic Area is a museum which collects various historical materials of Opium War. And you can learn the story   of Lin Zexu, a famous Chinese scholar and official which destroyed the opium trade in Qing Dynasty.

2. Humen Pearl River Bridge
It is China’s first suspension bridge that spans 888 meters over the Pearl River in Guangdong.

3. Humen Weiyuan Battery
It is one of the best-preserved and largest ancient batteries in China. It is also the relic of Opium War.

4. Human Naval Battler Museum
Close to Weiyuan Battery, Human Naval Battler Museum is one of the three drug control education bases in China.

5. Ke Garden of Dongguan
It is one of the four most famous classic-style gardens in Guangdong.

6. Shajiao Battery
Another relic of Opium War. Together with Dajiao Battery, the Shajiao Battery is the first defense line of Guangzhou during the Opium War.

7. Hermit Villa
Hermit Villa is a large-scale holiday resort in Dongguan. The nation’s biggest natural marble Guanyin, known as Goddess of Mercy in the West, can be found in the villa.

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