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Baolin Temple was first built in the year 942, giving it a history of over one-thousand years. In the early years of the Jingtai Emperor’s reign in the Ming Dynasty, Baolin Temple was the chief local temple. As an important Buddhist site, it was widely visited by worshipers.

The present temple was rebuilt in 1996, bordering Desheng River on the left and near the Qingyun Double Pagodas on the right. The main pavilion sits against the mountain, occupying an area of 120,000 square meters. As visitors ascend the steps, they will see a temple gate flanked by two giant, ferocious guardians. The structures inside the temple include the Palace of the Heavenly King, Nine-Dragon Hall, Kwan-yin Palace, a bell tower, a drum tower, a dining hall, a visitors’ hall and a grand hall. These structures are some of the finest manmade sights in Foshan.

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Hours: 8:00-17:00
Address: Taiping Mountain, Shunde District, Foshan.
Transportation: take a bus to Shunde District at Bus Station of Guangzhou, or Fangcun Bus Station.
Admission: CNY 30

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