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A list of best and famous Foshan reastaurants for an unforgettable dining experience in Foshan, China, including reviews and other resources.

Famous Restaurants in Foshan

Daiwo Sushi
Daiwo Sushi mainly offers Sushi, which has a history of 1,800 years. In Daiwo Sushi, you can taste many kinds of fresh Sushi with authentic flavor. Besides, the price is also reasonable. At night, you can enjoy 50-percent off Sushi. Sometimes, there will be preferential act...More>>

August Japanese Food Restaurant
August Japanese Food Restaurant has an area of 800 square meters, quiet garden decoration, simple furniture, elegant flower painting with meticulous detail, lamp and partition with traditional Japanese pattern. The guests can taste Japanese Golden Abalone with authentic fla...More>>

Renshan Renhai Self-Servince Restaurant
According to the difference of cuisine, Renshan Renhai Self-Service Restaurant can be divided into more than 20 districts like Japanese Tappasaki District, Brazilian Roast District, Japanese Cuisine District, Western refinement District, Indian Pancake District, etc. The fo...More>>

Fuhao Western Food Restaurant
Fuhao Western Food Restaurant has many branches in Daliang of Foshan. It offers many kinds of western food. The speed of serving up is quick. Most of the time, you have to queue up because a lot of people choose to eat here.More>>

Danube Western Food Restaurant
Danube Western Food Restaurant is a time-honored restaurant in Foshan. The environment in it is very romantic. It offers enough western and Chinese food with fair price. Many people like to taste western food here. In the peak period, it is difficult to find a seat. More>>

Rhine-Pavilion Western Food Restaurant
Since being first established in 1997, Rhine-Pavilion Western Food Restaurant has opened five branches in Foshan and become a famous brand in western food industry of Foshan. The French Cuisine in this restaurant is very authentic, being famous for delicacy and variety. The...More>>

Beverly Western Food Restaurant
Beverly Western Food Restaurant was first established in Hong Kong in 1979. It is the only one America-style western food restaurant that also offers traditional Italy flavor food. The food materials are imported top ones from all parts of the world. Beverly Western Food Re...More>>

Xufulou Seafood Restaurant
Xufulou Seafood Restaurant was established in 1993, having a five-minute drive from Xiqiao Mountain. The decoration in it is graceful, and the environment is comfortable. Xufulou Seafood Restaurant owns many types of luxurious passenger compartments, and has more than 1,100...More>>

Maojia Restaurant
Maojia Restaurant was established in 1987 by Ms. Tang Ruiren who was received by Chairman Mao (Mao Zedong or Mao Tse-tung). Over the past 20 years, this restaurant has entertained more than 10 million guests at home an abroad, among which about 30 are Party and State leader...More>>

Yulinglong Private Dishes Restaurant
Yulinglong Private Dishes Restaurant has a beautiful environment. As you enter it, what falls into your eyes is red and green. One corner has one sight. The representative dishes on the menu are Chaozhou-Style Salted Shrimp, Steamed White Gourd with Shrimp and Crab, Beef Ri...More>>

Chuanshang Renjian Restaurant
Chuanshang Renjian Restaurant has a graceful and warm environment, mainly offering traditional and new Sichuan Cuisines. In this restaurant, you can taste authentic Sichuan Cuisine and get food services. What is the most important is that you can eat healthy food here.More>>

Liyumen Shishen Restaurant
Liyumen Shishen Restaurant is in the eastern part of Jihua Food City. It offers authentic Cantonese Cuisine. Each day, the restaurant has special-price dishes, which are dainty and enough to eat. Many people like to come here. More>>

Wangge Fishing Village
Wangge Fishing Village has a large area. The decoration in it is also good. You can eat fresh sea foods and various dishes, which are palatable and have fair price. This restaurant is so popular that you have to wait until the seats are free. The special dishes in Wangge Fi...More>>

Kaiyue Restaurant
Kaiyue Restaurant is a high-class place, having good environment and dainty dishes. If you go to the passenger compartment, you have to take an excursion vehicle to get in it.More>>

Gaozan Restaurant
Gaozan Restaurant mainly offers Cantonese Cuisine. It has several branches in Foshan. The specialties are the chickens and fishes, which are popular among its customers. If you want to try Cantonese Cuisine, Gaozan Restaurant is a good choice.More>>

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