Foshan Nightlife - An Entertainment Guide in Foshan

Foshan has a rich entertainment environment, featuring many kinds of leisure & holiday places like parks, stadiums, cultural centers, swimming beaches, pleasure grounds, and country clubs. The Oriental No. 1 Bar at Sixth Jihua Road is famous for its music, whereas the Chuanlord Holiday Manor takes the traditional scene of Shunde water country as its features, catering to a high-class clientele seeking some peaceful leisure time.

As a unique folk cultural and recreational activity, Foshan’s Autumn Scenery is one must-see amusement. Traditional plays and works of balladry, modern songs and dances, graceful music, popular songs and tunes showcase every aspect of Foshan’s culture and entertainment.

Shows and Performances in Foshan

If you want to spend your nightlife in traditional Chinese way, appreciating Autumn Scenery in Foshan, sipping tea in the teahouse or watching some new movies are also good choices.

Bars and Nightclubs in Foshan

If you want to spend your night hours in modern and western way, try these bars and cafés.

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