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Yuyin Shanfang, located in Nancun Town of Fanyu District, 17 kilometers from Guangzhou, occupies an area of 1,598 m². It was built in the sixth year of Emperor Tongzhi’s Reign during the Qing Dynasty (in 1867), and is famous for its delicately exquisite artistic characteristics.

Yuyin Shan Fang, also called Yuyin Garden, along with Qinghui Garden, Ke Garden and Liang Garden are called the Four Famous Gardens of Guangdong. It absorbs the architectural styles of both Suzhou and Hangzhou courtyards. The gallery arch bridge divides the garden into east and west sections. In the west section, there is one pool, constructed in stone.  In the east section we can find Octagonal Pool and Octagonal Exquisite Waterside Pavilion.

Yuyin Shan Fang has an ingenious layout. The pavilions, terraces, halls, bridges, lakes and hills are all included, having been carved into the 300 steps around the garden. The brick carvings, wood carvings, lime carvings and stone carvings are rich and varied, and demonstrate Yuyin Shan Fang exquisite style and serving to justify its reputation as a famous garden.

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Hours: 8:00-17:30
Address: Nancun Village, Nancun Town, Fanyu District, Guangzhou
Transportation: take Bus 10 and 17 in Fanyu District
Admission: CNY 18

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