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White Cloud Mountain, located in southern Guangzhou City, is one of the most famous mountains in southern Guangdong, and is rightly considered Guangzhou’s principal peak.  It occupies top spot among the Top Eight Sights in Guangzhou and is a National AAAA Class Attraction and is also a National Key Scenic Spot.

White Cloud Mountain consists of more than 30 peaks and has an area of 20.98 km².  The view at the peak offers an unparalleled panorama of the entire city and Pearl River.  During late spring, or after rainy days, the mountain becomes shrouded in fluffy, white clouds, hence the mountain’s name. It is no surprise that Guangzhou has been renowned as a picturesque resort since ancient times.

On White Cloud Mountain, there are three main scenic spots: Shanbei, Shanding and Lihu. In Lihu Scenic Spot, there are many green trees providing pleasant shade from which appreciate the serenity of the nearby lake. Visitors can also take the cable car to Shanding Scenic Spot where they can enjoy good views of Shanding Park, Mingchun Valley, Village Hotel, Shuangxi Villa, Nengren Temple and Jiulong Spring.  Shanbei offers visitors something a little different from the other two scenic spots. Here, you can appreciate the famous Baiyun Songtao, which is one of the Top Eight Sights in Guangzhou.

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Hours: 24 Hours
Location: Baiyun District
Address: No. 801, Middle Guangyuan Rd.
Phone: 020-37222222
Transportation: Buses: 11, 24
Admission: CNY 5

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