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The Dong ethnic minority group, who live around the borders between Guangxi, Guizhou and Hunan Provinces, is one of the 55 Chinese ethnic minority groups. The drum tower is the group’s symbol, and is a significant venue for the clan’s activities and official business discussions. Each village has a drum tower, with only the building style and height varying between places.
Mapang Drum Tower is the most famous amongst the approximately 160 existent drum towers in the region of Guangxi Province’s Sanjiang County. It is situated in Mapang village, around 23 km from the Sanjiang village. The original Drum Tower was built in the Qing Dynasty and has been damaged many times by fire. Today’s Mapang Drum Tower was reconstructed in 1943. The square shaped tower fully demonstrates the distinctive architectural features of the Dong drum towers, nine stories and 20 meters high. Every storey has unturned eaves carved with flowers, grasses, fishes, birds and other legendary animals. The whole building was formed through thousands of columns and beams, in which the four greater columns extending all the way to the top floor mainly support the tower and symbolize the four seasons in a year, and the twelve wood columns around the tower, support the elegant upturned-eaves and symbolize the twelve months. The top of the tower is covered with tiles with a pair of bird-like decorative structure on their ridge. Mapang Drum Tower stands out as a pearl amongst this kind of tower architecture in the Sanjiang area.


*You can download the bilingual note to show it to a taxi driver or someone else to find your way to Sanjiang Mapang Drum Tower if you plan to visit Sanjiang Mapang Drum Tower and have language problems.



Location:Mapang Village, 23 kilometers away from Sanjiang County
Admission:  CNY 10


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