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Guilin is a typical city with mountains and waters and its natural environment add unique flavor to Guilin city. Two Rivers & Four Lakes are located in the downtown of Guilin city which consist Li River, Peach Flower River, Wooden Dragon Lake, Gui Lake, Rong Lake and Shan Lake lakes, which is a project aiming to connect the two rivers and four lakes together to form a round-the-city waterway network. The project was completed in the year of 2002, which made up a beautiful scenic area surround the city as a circle and created a park-like scenic area for visitors.

After the project completed, Guilin Tourism Bureau developed several tourism routes which can show the charm of the city as well as the uniqueness of the water system. Visitors can take cruise trips by the water route around the city, as the slow moving cruise travels through the beautiful area, the spectacular scenery passes by just like a moving paintings. The newly created water entertainment surely adds charm to the beauty of the city. Nowadays, the water system becomes more and more popular among visitors which should not be missed when go to Guilin.

Among the four lakes, Shan Lake is especially beautiful and famed for its Twin Pagodas, which is called the Sun and Moon Pagodas. With a height of 41 meters, the Sun Pagoda is a 9-storied tower made of solid bronze, while 35 meters Moon Pagoda is 7-storied tower made of wood and glazed tiles. They are also regarded as the symbol of Guilin City.

The four lakes are surrounded by thriving plants and blooming flowers, the pavilions, stone carvings and statues on the banks made there a good place for people to relax or entertain.

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