Guilin Train

It is convenient to reach other major cities of China by train from Guilin because the Jing-Guang (Beijing-Guangzhou) Railway, Qian-Gui (Liuzhou-Guiyang) Railway, and Xiang-Gui (Hunan-Guiyang) Railway all pass through this city. There are two main passenger stations: Guilin Railway Station (South Guilin Station) and North Guilin Railway Station. There is about a 20-minite distance by train between the two stations and the Guilin Railway Station is more conveniently situated than the North Station.

The Guilin Railway Station is located in the center of the city, at the crossroad of Shanghai Road and South Zhongshan Road. It is the main passenger station which could hold 15,000 people at the same time. And the North Guilin Railway Station is on the suburb of Guilin and only take Bus No, 18 and 99 could travelers to arrive at this station.

Tips: Highly recommended to book a ticket at least two of three days in advance and further ahead during holidays.

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