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Guilin Travel Tips No 1: Li River
It will take about 5 hours to cruise Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo. As the most beautiful scenery is almost on the second half section of the trip, so please do not be so excited at the very beginning journey, or you may miss the best landscape. Generally travelers need wear carefully sunscreen especially on summer because they will appreciate the charming view on deck. And sunhat and rainhat are useless due to the strong wind. Please remember to carefully listening up the explanation given by the tour guide. 

 Guilin Travel Tips No 2: Elephant Trunk Hill
Elephant Trunk Hill is the landmark and symbol of Guilin, located inside of the Elephant Trunk Hill Park. In fact, travelers needn’t entering into the park and they could see the hill just on the Jiangbin Road outside the park. However, if someone wants to closely travel around the hill, then it will need about one and a half hour. 

 Guilin Travel Tips No 3: Longji Terraced Field
Travelers need to provide rain gear for them in advance as the weather is unsettled on the terraced field area. Meanwhile, it is an elbow grease to traveling the whole terraced filed, so every one should have a good and nutritious breakfast. Furthermore, please do following the tour guide closely, otherwise, you may lose your way for the complicated routes in the Lignin Terraced Field area.

Guilin Travel Tips No 4: Reed Flute Cave
Please pay more regard to the safety and wear the hiking shoes to go the cave because those so many stairs and quite wet floor inside the cave. 

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