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Baoding in Chinese Pinyin:  bǎo dìng
Baoding in Chinese Writing:   in simplified Chinese  in traditional Chinese

Baoding in Chinese Pronunciation:     Click the button to learn how to say Baodingin Mandarin Chinese. Or you can download it to your hand device to play it to a conductor when buying a train ticket to Baoding.

Baoding Overview:  Baoding, which has a history of around 2300 years, is one of Hebei Province’s most notable cities, and is located in the middle of the triangle zone of Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang. It is only 140 kilometers from Beijing, 145 kilometers from Tianjin, and 125 kilometers from Shijiazhuang. In 1986, the State Council of the People’s Republic of China named Baoding as a notable historical and cultural city in the country.

Baoding’s history dates back to the Western Han Dynasty. The Mongols destroyed and rebuilt the city in the 13th Century, bestowing upon its current name after establishing the Yuan Dynasty. The name roughly translates into "protecting the capital", which refers to the city's proximity to Beijing.

Map of Baoding:  Here is a rough map of Baoding showing where Baoding is located on the map of China.

 Map of Baoding

Baoding Climate & Weather:  The city boasts a semi-humid monsoon climate, with most rainfall occurring in the summer. It experiences clearly-delineated seasons with noticeable temperature differences. Due to frequent sandstorms, spring has a dry climate. Most visitors choose to visit Baoding in the fall because of the mild and comfortable weather.

Baoding Transportation:   It is convenient to travel to and from Baoding from other cities. The Jingshi Expressway connects Boading and Beijing, with the former also acting as the western terminus of the Baojin Expressway, linking the city to Tianjin. The Jingguang Railway also provides frequent services to the Beijing West Railway Station.

By Train:  It is very convenient to get from Baoding to Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and other major cities by train.

By Bus:  Baoding's internal public transport system consists of many buses (bus fare costs one yuan per trip within the urban area).

By Taxi: Taxies are also a convenient form of transportation.

Baoding Food:  Local delicacies include Baiyunzhang steamed and stuffed buns, Majia Chicken, and other dishes.

Major Baoding Tourism Resources:  

Tourist Attractions:  Major attractions include Baiyangdian Lake, Western Qing Tombs, Ancient Lotus Pool and Wild Three Slopes Scenic Area.

Travel Agencies:  There are 1 licensed tour operators which can offer travel services to international travelers. Please refer to all these Baoding travel agencies.

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