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Huangshan City is well known for the famous Huangshan –Yellow Mountain. It is located in the south of Anhui Province, adjacent to Jiangxi and Zhengjiang provinces. As a new tourist city, Huangshan is one of the tourist economic zones with much development potential and value.

There are numerous mountains and peaks of unsurpassed beauty and of lots of flowing rivers in the surroundings of Huangshan city. The marvelous spectacle of the Yellow Mountain Scenic Area has a reputation of being a Chinese national treasure, known as “the loveliest mountain of China” for its scenic spots, pine forests, rocks, seas of clouds and hot springs. As a result, Yellow Mountain has already been recorded on the world natural and cultural heritage list by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Huangshan City was formerly named “Huizhou”, as this prefecture-level city corresponds largely to the historical region of Huizhou. With over 2,300 years of history, the age-old Huizhou demonstrates a splendid and distinct culture. Remnants of its years of history include Huishang (merchants of Huizhou), Huidiao (sculptures of Huizhou), Huizhou paintings, Huipai Penjing (miniature landscapes of Huizhou), as well as Huizhou architecture, Huicai (Huizhou cuisine) and Huiju (Huizhou local opera). All of these economic and cultural artefacts are extensive and profound, immortalized in a river of national Chinese culture and history. Of the 4,900 historic sites in Huangshan, there is She County, a famous cultural city with excellent reputation, the Yi County ancient folk house building group, Tunxi Old Street, and the Shexian Tangyue Stone Arches. As a result, Huangshan has been praised as a natural history and culture museum of China by many national and international experts.

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Anhui Province that is situated in the southeast region of China has the famous Huang Shan Mountain, which is otherwise known as the ‘Yellow Mountain’. Huang Shan City is the most visited destination in Anhui Province because of Huang Shan Mountain a

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