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Huangshan is a famous tourism city in China. Its hotel construction has made a great progress following the development of the tourism industry. Travelers here often stay at Tunxi District, Tangkou Town or on the mountain of Huangshan during the traveling in Huangshan City. Tunxi District is the location of local government, about 60 kilometers away from Yellow Mountain Scenic Area. All classes of hotels, especially the star hotel, are available here, which have better facilities than hotels in Tangkou Town. And Tangkou Town is located at the foot of Yellow Mountain. There are many economy hotels operated by local people. The price ranges from CNY200 to CNY400. In addition, stopping at the hotels on Yellow Mountain is also a good choice, thus tourists could have enough time to travel the whole mountain. However, the price is much higher than those at Tangkou and Tunxi. Moreover, travelers must make an early booking during the peak season; otherwise they may have to rent a sleeping bag.

If you are looking for some cheap accommodation options in Huangshan, we have built a list of popular hostels in Huangshan.

Popular Hostels in Huangshan:
Koala Huangshan International Youth Hostel
Address: No.58, Beihai Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan
Phone: 0559-2114522
Fax: 0559-2119317

East Huangshan Youth Hostel
Address: Chalinchang Farm, Huangshan District, Anhui
Phone: 0559-8591869
Fax: 0559-8591869

Huangshan Ancient Town Youth Hostel
Address: No.11 San ma lu road, Tunxi district, Huangshan city, Anhui, China
Phone: 0559-2522088

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