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Qiyun Mountain (Mt. Qinyun), located in Xiuning County of Anhui Province, is a sacred holy Taoist mountain. It got the name because on the mountain, there is a rock as high as the clouds. Qinyun Mountain faces Mt. Huangshan and covers an area of 110 square kilometers. It is a tourist resort featuring Taoist culture, Danxia landforms, and inscriptions on precipices, and thus, it enjoys the titles of National Geopark, National Forest Park, and National Key Cultural Relic Protection Unit. Here, the rocks are lofty, peaks are as broad as the sea, tablets and carved stones are scattered here and there, and Taoist temples are interspersed among the trees.

Qinyun Mountain consists of three scenic spots: Yuehuajie, Loushanglou and Yunyahu. The Yuehuajie Scenic Spot brings together Taoist architecture and caves. The most conspicuous thing is the newly restored Palace of Heaven, at which most Taoist enlightenments are held. The best section in this scenic spot is the Abode of Immortals, which is made up of several caves chiseled at the foot of the towering cliffs. Not matter whether it is sunny or rainy at the summits of the cliffs, there are always droplets scattering to form a thin water screen, which people often call a pearl screen. In these caves, the statues of immortals are enshrined. Beside the caves, hundreds of old tablets and inscriptions are put in order to form a corridor. Loushanglou Scenic Spot has upper and lower caves where eight Taoists once dwelled to withdraw from the society and cultivate their vital energies. Other attractions in this scenic spot are Guangyin Cliff, Wanshou Hill, Shifo Pagoda, and White Cloud Cliff. The natural stone painting in particular is most attractive. Yunyahu Scenic Spot is on the east side of Qinyun Mountain and boasts a long and narrow lake. Sailing a boat on the lake, people can also admire the green hills and clear waters and look at the wonderful inscriptions on the precipices.

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Hours: 8:00-17:00
Admission: CNY 60 in peak season or CNY 40 in off-peak season

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