Kashgar Shopping – Where to Buy in Kashgar

Shopping Markets & Streets in Kashgar

What and where to buy: If you want to buy tourist souvenirs, you must visit Kashgar Grand Bazaar.

Shopping Malls & Department Stores in Kashgar

Zhengda Shopping Mall: South Jiefang Road, Kashgar
Hongda Daily Use Department Store: South Jiefang Road, Kashgar
Youxi Daily Use Department Store: No. 6 Basement 1 of Huimin Building, South Street, Kashgar
Xinfeng Daily Use Department Store: beside Zhonglin Hotel of Kashgar

Supermarkets in Kashgar

What and where to buy: If you want to buy some daily consumer goods, there are many supermarkets for this purpose. 

Wangjiale Supermarket: Shanlulin Market, No. 2 East Street, Kashgar
Jinggan Self-service Supermarket: No. 5 Dongyi Road, Kashgar
Lewanjia Supermarket: No. 20 Xincheng Road (beside Food Bureau), Kashgar
Aidake Supermarket: Floor 1 of Tuanjie Trade Tower, North Jiefang Road, Kashgar
Yijia Supermarket: Basement 1, Commercial Pedestrian Street, Kashgar

Other Shopping places

Wanjiale General Store: No. 3, Floor 1, Xinlu Commercial Building, West Wenhua Road, Kashgar
Xingmin General Store: downstairs of Chaxu Company, Tuanjie Road, Kashgar
Xinhua Bookstore: No. 22 North Jiefang Road, Kashgar

Kashgar Shopping Tips

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Ryan Mann's Kashgar shopping tips : (2263 views)
On my first morning in Kashgar, I walked the streets around the Seman Hotel. Brick walls lined one sidestreet, and residences lay behind ornamented wooden doorways. The sun was just rising when I stopped at a set of tables on the sidewalk, where a wo
Steven Douglass's Kashgar shopping tips : (2035 views)
Arriving in Kashgar is like taking a step out of China. You’re still in the middle kingdom… but it feels like somewhere else. Situated in the extreme west of China’s Xinjiang province, Kashgar is as far west as you can get without actually leaving

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