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Kunming has more than two-thousand years of history. As the capital of Yunnan Province, in Southwestern China, it is at the core of the province’s politics, economic, culture, science and technology, and transportation.

The city is situated on the central part of Yungui Plateau and surrounded on three sides by mountains. Kunming is bounded by Qujing City to the east, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture to the southeast and Yuxi City to the southwest. It also shares a border with Panzhihua, a prefecture level city, and Liangshan Yi, an autonomous prefecture of Sichuan Province.

Influenced by the plateau’s monsoon climate, Kunming has quite mild weather which is characterised by short, cool dry winters with mild days and crisp nights, and long, warm and humid summers. The year round temperature is generally about 15 centigrade giving Kunming the nickname of "Spring City" or "City of Eternal Spring".

Kunming is one of the top tourist destinations in China. Among its attractions are Stone Forest, Dianchi Lake, Black Dragon Pool, Yuantong Temple and the World Horticultural Exposition Garden. The charming natural beauty, glorious history and colorful minority flavors are must-experience aspects. And with the ongoing development of local tourism facilities, Kunming is edging itself towards being the most outstanding city for tourists in China.

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