Kunming Travel Services - A list of legitimate Kunming Travel Agencies

According to China National Tourism Administration, there are 26 registered travel agencies in Kunming, which are licensed to offer travel services to inbound tourists.

 Travel Agencies  License Number  Location
 Yunnan Best Fortune International Travel Service Co. Ltd   L-YN-GJ00066   Kunming 
 Yunnan Continental & Earth International Travel Service   L-YN-GJ00061   Kunming 
 Kunming Friendship Spring International Travel Service   L-YN-GJ00055   Kunming 
 Yunnan Tourism Business International Travel Service Co, Ltd   L-YN-GJ00053   Kunming 
 China Kunming Comfort international Travel Service LTD   L-YN-GJ00042   Kunming 
 Yunnan Aviation International Travel Service   L-YN-GJ00038   Kunming 
 Yunnna Litian Travel Service Corporation   L-YN-GJ00037   Kunming 
 Yunnan Panda International Tour Co.   L-YN-GJ00036   Kunming 
 Kunming Sun-Oasis International Travel Service Co., Ltd   L-YN-GJ00035   Kunming 
 Yunnan M&R Special Tours   L-YN-GJ00034   Kunming 
 Yunnan Merchant International Travel Service   L-YN-GJ00029   Kunming 
 Kunming Overseas Tours Co., Ltd   L-YN-GJ00028   Kunming 
 Yunnan Kangda Internatinal Travel Service   L-YN-GJ00026   Kunming 
 Yunnan Europe Inferior International Travel Agency   L-YN-GJ00025   Kunming 
 Yunnan Expo International Travel Service Co., Ltd   L-YN-GJ00022   Kunming 
 Yunnan Aviation International Sight-Seeing Travel Service   L-YN-GJ00021   Kunming 
 Yunnan International Travel Service Co., Ltd   L-YN-GJ00018   Kunming 
 Kunming Scenery-Custom Intl Travce Co., Ltd   L-YN-GJ00014   Kunming 
 Yunnan International Travel Service For Science And Technology   L-YN-GJ00013   Kunming 
 China Youth Travel Service Co., Ltd   L-YN-GJ00012   Kunming 
 Kunming Travel Service(International)Co., Ltd   L-YN-GJ00011   Kunming 
 Kunming Railway International Travel Service   L-YN-GJ00010   Kunming 
 China Travel Service(Yunnan)   L-YN-GJ00007   Kunming 
 Kunming International Scenic Travel Co., Ltd.   L-YN-GJ00003   Kunming 
 Kunming China International Travel Service   L-YN-GJ00002   Kunming 
 Yunnan Overseas Tourist Corporation   L-YN-GJ00001   Kunming 

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