Kunshan Facts

Coordinates: 31 ° 06 '34 "~ 31 ° 32'36" N 120 ° 48'21 "~ 121 ° 09'04" E
Country: China
Mayor: Guan Aiguo
Population: 0.68 million    
Currency: Yuan (Renminbi)
Language: Kunshan Dialect
Time Zone: China Standard Time (UTC+8)
Area: 927 square kilometers
Administrative Divisions: 9Towns and 2 districts
Altitude: 2.8-3.7 m
City Flower: Rare Flower
City Tree:  Southern Magnolia
Main Rivers: Wusongjiang River and Loujiang River
GDP (2008 estimate):  Total - CNY 150 billion; Per capita - CNY 120882
Sister Cities:
Asia:  Jeju (South Korea),Tatebayashi (Japan), Gunsan (South Korea), Tahara (Japan)
Europe: Viareggio (Italy)
America: Ouro Preto (Brazil), South El Monte (USA)
Oceania: Ballarat (Australia), Palmerston North (New Zealand), Penrith (Australia)
Africa: Grootfontein (Namibia)

Kunshan Location - Where is Kunshan

 Kunshan is located in the Southern Jiangsu Plain and in the southeast of Suzhou jurisdiction, bordering Suzhou and Wujiang city on its west, Taicang and Changsu cities on east and northeast. The city flanks Jiading and Qingpu districts of Shanghai metropolis on the southeast. Two major freshwater lakes, Dingshan and Yangcheng, sandwiches the city's southern portion from both sides.  See map of Kunshan to view the exact location of Kunshan.

Map of Kunshan

Kunshan Districts

Kunshan has totally 9 towns and 2 districts under its administration.

9 towns: Yushan town、bacheng town、Zhoushi town、Lujia Town、Shanhu Town、Zhangpu Town、Zhouzhang Town、Qiiandeng Town、Jinxi Town

2 district: Huaqiao development zone, Development zone

Kunshan Codes

Kunshan Postal Code: 215300

Kunshan Area Code: Internal dialing code is 0512 while international telephone calling code is +0086-512. 

Kunshan in Chinese

Learning how to read and say Kunshan in Chinese might be of help when you are traveling around the city.

Kunshan in Chinese Pinyin: Kūn shān

How does Kunshan look in Chinese?

Kunshan in Chinese characters  Kunshan in traditional Chinese

How to say Kunshan in Chinese?    Click to play this audio file to learn how to correctly pronounce Kunshan in Chinese. Or you can download it to your hand device to help when you are traveling to Kunshan.

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