Nanning Facts

Abbreviation: Yong (邕 in Chinese)
Coordinates: 22°13′-23°32′N      107°45′-108°51′E
Country: China
Mayor: Huang Fangfang
Population: 6.84 million people at the end of 2007
Currency:  Yuan (Renminbi)
Language: Nanning Dialect, on which Mandarin Chinese is based on
Time Zone: China Standard Time (UTC+8)

Area: 10029 square kilometers
Administrative Divisions: 6 districts and 6 counties
Altitude: 74-79 m
City Flower: Jaba Flower
City Tree: Almond Tree
Main Rivers: Yu River, You River, Zuo River, Hongshui River, Wuming River and Bachi River
GDP: CNY 131.62 billion; Per capita - CNY 19242.84

Sister Cities: 

Oceania: Bundaberg, Australia
America: Provo, United States  
Uropean: Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria 
Asia: Amphoe Mueang Khon Kaen, Thailand 
           Davao City, Philippines 
           Ipoh, Malaysia

Nanning Location - Where is Nanning

Nanning sits beside the Yunnan, Guizhou, Hunan and Guangdong provinces, with its urban area located in the Nanning Basin on the Lingnan Mountain Range. It has a subtropical Monsoon climate, with an average annual maximum summer temperature of 34°C (92°F) and daily rainfall in the summer months.

Nanning Location Map

Nanning Districts

Nanning has totally 6 districts, 6 counties, and 6 development zones under its administration.

6 districts: Xingning District, Qingxiu District, Jiangnan District, Xixiangtang District, Liangqing District, Yongning District
6 counties:Wuming County, Long'an County, Mashan County, Shanglin County, Binyang County, Heng County
6 development zones: Nanning High-Tech Business DZ, Nanning Economic and technology DZ, Nanning Overseas Chinese Investment Zone, Nanning Qingxiu Mountain Resort/ Tourism Area, Nanning Xiangsi Lake New Area, Nanning Liujing Industrial Park

Nanning Codes

Nanning Postal Code: Nanning zip codes range from 530000.

Nanning Area Code: Internal dialing code is 0771 while international telephone calling code is +0086-771. 

Nanning in Chinese

Learning how to read and say Nanning in Chinese might be of help when you are traveling around the city.

Nanning in Chinese Pinyin: nán níng

How does Nanning look in Chinese?

Nanning in Chinese characters  Nanning in traditional Chinese

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