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Ningbo has about 260 bus routes and most of the bus lines are self-service ticketing. The ticket fare is between CNY1 and CNY 2 for the self-service buses. However, the ticket price is charged in accordance with the distance of the line to those with bus conductor. In general, the running time is from 05:000-07:00 to 17:00-23:00.

The tourist route is also available in the city including No.238, No.371 and No.560.

Bus No.238 runs between Liangzhu Cultural Park and Fan’s Residence via Tianyi Pavilion and Moon Lake Park from 06:30 in the morning to the 18:00 in the evening.

Bus No.371 runs through Zhaobao Shan, South Street, Zhenhai Station, Ningbo University and Tianyi Pavilion.

Bus No.560 passes through Mingyuan, Tianfeng Pagoda, No.1 Hospital, South Station and West Nanzhan Road. The service time is from 06:15 to 20:00.

Ningbo Coach

Starring from Cixi City in the south and ending at Jiangxing City in the north, Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the longest crossing sea bridge in the world, with a length of 36 kilometers. It only needs 2 hours by coach from Ningbo to Shanghai through the Hangzhou Bay Bridge.

Ningbo Central Coach Station is at No.181 Tongda Road, adjacent to Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway. The major trans-provincial long-distance buses are available here. The station can be reached by city bus of No.8, 14, 15, 352, 362, 503, 514, 516, 556, 601, and 809.

South Coach Station is on the west side of the Ningbo Railway Station. It operates long-distance buses to Shanghai and Hangzhou, as well as other cities near Ningbo.
Shanghai Hutai Road Station--Ningbo: The departure time is respectively 7:25、8:15、8:40、9:35、11:40、13:15、14:25、15:15、16:15.
Shanghai Hengfeng Road Station--Ningbo: The bus departs from the station every half an hour between 06:30 in the morning and 19:00 in the evening.
Ningbo-Hangzhou East Station: Every ten minute, there is a bus departing from South Station from 06:00 to 19:00 and ticket fare is CNY 52.

North Coach Station is about 100 meters west of Passenger Wharf. It can be reached by bus No.1. There are scheduled buses to Lingshui, Zhoushan, Cixi, Yuyao, Zhenhai, Shaoxing, Shangyu, and Yandang and so on. And the bus to Putuo Mountain and Hemudu is also available.

East Coach Station is located at No.777 Ningchuan Road, which can be arrived at by bus No.604. The inquiry number of the station is 0574-87924998. This station mainly provides transport service to Jiangsu and Anhui provinces.

West Coach Station is at No.44 Wangchun Road. Passenger can get there by bus No.10. The inquiry hotline of the station is 0574-87505402.

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