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Qingdao (TsingTao), located at the southeastern part of the Shandong Peninsula, was listed as one of 15 sub-provincial cities of China in 1994. It is not only an important economic and cultural hub in the eastern coast of China, but also an international coastal tourist resort, a famous Chinese historical and cultural city and the central city of Chinese marine scientific research and marine industry development. This makes its position as the national base of modern manufacturing and high-technology important. It is also an international shipping center in Northeast Asia, and one of 14 Chinese coastal cities open to the outside world.

Geographically, Qingdao occupies an area of 10,654 km2. Under its administrative jurisdiction, there are 7 districts and 5 cities such as the districts of Shinan, Shibei, Sifang, Licang, Chengyang, Laoshan and Huangdao, and the cities of Laixi, Jimo, Pingdu, Jiaozhou and Jiaonan.

The coastline of Qingdao stretches over 730.6 km, starting from Jinkou of Jimo City in the north to Songjia Ridge of Jiaonan City in the south. Along the coast, there are 49 bays, among which Kiaochow Bay is the largest, with an area of 436 km2and 32.5 km from south to north and 28 km from east to west.

Qingdao has abundant resources. There are four distinctive tourist areas including the western old town, which exhibits the features of modern western cities, the eastern new town which shows the features of international modern cities, the hinterland of the city which features Jiaodong folk cultures, and suburbs featuring cultural relics and historic sites for the viewing pleasure of younger generations.

Qingdao Harbour is a natural harborwhich also acts as the main trading point around Yellow River Drainage Area and the western coast of Pacific Ocean. With docks of container, ore, crude oil and coal; it has opened 97 international routes to more than 450 ports. Air transportation in Qingdao maintains rapid growth, with direct routes to international destinations such as Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Seoul, Pusan, Taegu, Frankfurt, Paris (passing by Shanghai), 7 countries in Europe (passing by Beijing), Singapore, etc. Domestic routes to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. have also been opened. Locally, the highway in Qingdao has been developed as well.

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I did not mind the noise outside the hotel window. The impressive view of construction at Qingdao’s train station made up for the clamor. Welder’s sparks showered down from the iron canopy, machinery groaned and workers shouted orders through the nig

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