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Qingdao Travel Tips No. 1: Clothes & Shoes
Before traveling to Qingdao, you should prepare some clothes that are easy to dry and sleeved clothes because the air is wet and the weather is cool. For the convenience of splashing about in seawater, bathing suits and shorts are also required. Moreover, we suggest that you should bring two kinds of shoes --- sports shoes for the convenience of climbing the mountain or long journey and waterproof flat shoes.

Qingdao Travel Tips No. 2: Sun-Proof Articles and Medicines
Although the summer in Qingdao is cool, we still advise you to bring sun blocks, sunglasses, sun hats and sunshades to avoid the sunburn while playing on the beach.

If you come to Qingdao, seafoods can’t be missed. You’d better choose those hygienic restaurants to eat. The tourists may be not acclimatized whiling touring in Qingdao, so some medicines treating gastroenteritis and allergy should be prepared.

Qingdao Travel Tips No. 3: Important Numbers in Qingdao
Maritime distress code: 12395
Transportation service number: 82817777
Information office number of railway station: 95105175 and 86011111
Train ticket booking number: 95105105, 82975022 and 82962777
Information office number of Coach Station: 83718060
Information office number of Qingdao Harbor: 82825001
Information office number of Ferry Station: 82619279
Inquiry number of Jinan-Qingdao Highway: 87860848
Inquiry number of highway to Jiaozhou Bay: 85621175

Qingdao Travel Tips No. 4: Seafoods
In order to avoid food poisoning, you’d better choose the fresh seafoods. Before cooking, to wash them cleanly is very important. Especially the shellfishes should be immersed in light salt brine for one hour to remove the sand in them. If you want to eat raw seafoods, it is healthy to freeze them first and then pour some light salt brine because doing like this can sterilize the seafoods. When eating seafoods, you’d better not drink too much beer. Otherwise, there will be overproduced uric acid that may cause gout. Conversely, drinking kir is good to you because the AHAs in it have the functions of sterilization and fishery smell removal. Holothurians, turtles, kelps and edible seaweeds contain uric acid, which easily forms uric acid crystals in joints when being absorbed that can aggravate arthritis. So those who are afflicted with arthritis should eat less seafood. Besides, seafoods should not be eaten together with fruits. It is also bad to swim within one hour after eating seafoods.

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