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Shanghai, also called "Hu" for short in Chinese, is the biggest commercial and financial center in China, and also a very important international port city in the Western Pacific Ocean area. With its convenient transportation and communication, it is attracting increasing amounts of attention from all corners of the world.

Shanghai is situated on the banks of the Yangtze River Delta, with the East River to the east, Hangzhou Bay to the south and Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces to the west.

As a famous historical and cultural city, Shanghai has been extolled as “the nodal point of rivers and oceans, the capital of southeast China”. As a Chinese saying goes, “you can understand 2,000 years of China’s history by studying Xian, 1000 years’ history by studying Beijing and 100 years’ history from Shanghai.” Shanghai is like modern China in miniature, with a very deep historical background. Today’s Shanghai is a modern metropolitan city, yet with traditional Chinese cultural characteristics, bursting at the seams with unique charm.

As a tourist city, it attracts travelers from both home and abroad by virtue of its commercial activity, as opposed to scenic beauty.

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Lim Hui Sin's Shanghai Travel Guide : (5937 views)
As summer swelters in Shanghai, hardly anyone is not looking for an escape. Sheshan, just an hour from downtown Shanghai and now accessible by the metro line 9 (Sheshan station), provides a good day out in cleaner, greener environs. The tallest h
Lim Hui Sin's Shanghai Travel Guide : (5005 views)
A visit to the Shanghai Natural History Museum is not unlike stepping into a time capsule. The museum was opened in 1956 and seems to have been left as it was over the years. Today, it appears dusty, musty, and positively quaint. There are no flashy

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