Shanghai Currency Exchange

What Currency is used in Shanghai  
Chinese Yuan (also known as Renminbi, rmb for short) is the official and legal currency in circulation. Use of foreign currencies is generally not allowed.

 What is the currency exchange rate in Shanghai 
The official currency exchange rate can be found at which is applied national wide.

 Where is currency exchange service available? 
There are currency exchange services at Shanghai Pudongl International Airport and top-end (Normally 4 stars to 5 stars) hotels. All branches of Bank of China and other large banks offers currency exchange services. Look for a signwhen you walk into a bank outlet.

 Bank of China
Xuhui Branch: No.509 Caobao Road, Xuhui District
West Jianguo Road Branch: No.596, West Jianguo Road
Heshan Road Branch: No.516 Hengshan Road
Huaihai Road Branch: No.1207 Middle Huaihai Road
Xianxia Road Branch: No.703 Xianxia Road

 Industrial and Commercial Bank
Xuhui Branch: No.8 West Guangyuan Road
Yude Road Branch: No.799 Lingling Road
China Construction Bank
Hengshan Road Branch: No.920 Hengshan Road
Dingxi Road Branch: No.1285 Dingxi Road
Yincheng Road Branch: No.201 East Yincheng Road
Changshou Road Branch: No.95 Changshou Road

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