Shenzhen Food - What and Where to eat in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a typical immigrant city, therefore all Chinese regional dishes can be easily found here. In addition, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indonesian and Western food is ubiquitous. Food eateries in Shenzhen span the gamut from restaurants, stalls, eateries, and snack bars running to the thousands, an ideal place for the budding gastronomist.

Nan’ao Abalone: The abalone originates from Nan’ao Bay, in the Luju in Dongchong. It is nutritious, tender and crisp.
Shajing Fresh Oyster: Shajing Oyster is the most famous specialty in Shenzhen. It is rich in protein, starch and, is known as ‘milk of the sea floor’. It is fresh and tasty enough to be eaten with rice or bread.

Shenzhen Food Streets

Seafood Street: If you want to try the seafood, then go to the Leyuan Road seafood street or the seaside seafood street at Yantian District. The former one is full of food stalls which range a reasonable price. And the latter one are dotted with two-storey building restaurants built along the shoreline with sea view terrace on the top storey. Food here tastes have the strong hakka and Chaoshan flavors.

Xiangxi Village Food Street: This is a hottest night market at Luohu District in Shenzhen. There are too many restaurants to see along the both sides of the street catering to all the crowds’ people.

Baguo First Road Food Street: The delicious food and authentic cuisines from all regions in China are collected at the street. The famous Hui Family’s Restaurant is available here.

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