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Also known as Taishan Longquan temple, Taishan Temple is located at the north of Fengyu Valley, 23 km southwest to Taiyuan City.

According to the old local topographies, the temple was originally a Taoist Temple built in 710 A.D. and was destroyed in the war between Yuan and Jin. In 1319, the temple was reconstructed as a Buddhist temple and merged five small temples near by.

It was said that at that time, the weather was dry and local people went to Mt. Taishan to pray to Dragon King who was the god in charge of the rain in Chinese mythology. People found spring at this site and built the temple for Dragon King to thank the god and named the temple Longquan, which means the spring of the Dragon King in Chinese.

Due to its remote location, Taishan Longquan temple suffers little from wars in recent China. In 1980s, the temple was repaired and declared an Important Heritage Site Under State Protection. Today tourists can enjoy themselves by walking on the stone steps in the fog while the mountains and trees looked as if they were floating in the clouds.  

Chinese Pingyin: tai shan si
Opening Times: 8:00 to 17:00
Ticket Price: 20 yuan (Apr 1 to Oct 31)
                   15 yuan (Nov 1 to Mar 31)
Location: North to Fengyu Valley, 23 km to Taiyaun City.
Phone: 0351-6945581
How to Get to: By now no public bus is available to Taishan Temple, however, the scenic spot runs free buses from Jinci Temple to Taishan Temple to meet the need of the tourists. Those who has already buy the admission ticket to Taishan Temple could take the bus freely.
You can take bus 308, 804, 856 to Jinci Temple and take the free bus to Taishan Temple.

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