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Tianjin, abbreviated in Chinese as Jin, is the one of the largest cities in China, along with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Known as the "Diamond of the Bohai Gulf," Tianjin is also one of the major business and trading centers of Northern China and an important historical city.

Tianjin is located in the northeast of the Huabei Plain, where five branches of the Hai River intersect and flow into the Bohai Sea. Situated in the hub of the Jingshen, Jinhu and Jinji railway networks, it is one of the significant ports of Northern China and the gateway to the capital of the People's Republic of China.

Notable history of the city began with the excavation of the Grand Canal in the Sui Dynasty. During the middle of the Tang Dynasty, Tianjin became a sea transport terminal for transferring silk and grain from Southern to Northern China. During the Ming Dynasty it was named "Tianjin" by the government, meaning "a port for the emperor." Today Tianjin is one of the four municipalities directly under the control of the central government of the People's Republic of China, with fifteen subordinate districts and three counties.

Tianjin is also home to many historical sites, including the Huangyaguan Great Wall, Ming Garden, Tianhou Palace, Dagukou Fort, Dule Temple of Ji County, and the scenic area of Panshan Mountain, which is traditionally regarded as "the number one mountain to the east of Beijing. "

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