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The Huangyaguan Great Wall is located in the northern part of Ji County in Tianjin city. It is a miniature of the majestic Great Wall of China amidst a steep landscape, varied buildings, and cultural points of interest. The Huangyaguan Great Wall was first built during the Northern Qi Dynasty (550-557) and largely reconstructed with bricks in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The entire section of the wall is situated on an abrupt mountain ridge with an average altitude of 738 meters. Cliffs lie to the east and crags to the west. Thus the Huangyaguan Great Wall was regarded as an "Impregnable Pass" in Tianjin. It is a significant part of China’s cultural heritage and one of the ten most-visited sights in Tianjin.

The Huangyaguan Great Wall is comprised of two parts: the Huangyaguan scenic area and the Taiping Mountain Stronghold. The Huangyaguan scenic area can be divided into Pass City tourist district, the wall and high mountain area, and the Great Wall Cultural District. The cultural district includes attractions such as the Huangya Water Gate, the Bagua Castle (the Eight Diagrams Castle), the Longevity Garden, Phoenix Tower as well as the Great Wall Museum, etc. With its perfect layout, the Bagua Castle looks like a maze. The Longevity Garden was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records for having over 10,000 styles of writing the character “shou,” which means longevity.

The Taiping Mountain Stronghold lies one kilometer southeast of Huangya Pass (Huangyaguan) with an average altitude of 437 meters. A statue of Qi Jiguang, a famous general in Chinese history, was erected here.

The Huangyaguan Great Wall was a military stronghold equipped with perfect ancient defensive facilities. It could even be called the essence of China’s Great Wall, impregnable and indestructible.

How to get there: It is possible to arrive at the Huangyaguan Great Wall by train or coach from Beijing and Tianjin. Travelers can visit Ji County first and then change for Huangyaguan.

*You can download the bilingual note to show it to a taxi driver or someone else to find your way to Huangya Guan Great Wall if you plan to visit Huangya Guan Great Wall and have language problems.



Hours: 08:30-17:00
Location: Xiaying Town, Ji County
Phone: 022-22718106  
Admission: CNY 35 (Nov.1 - Feb.28); CNY 40 (Mar.1 - Oct.31)

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