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Panshan Scenery Area is located to the east of Beijing and in the north of Tianjin, about 100 kilometers from downtown Tianjin. It is renowned as the first mountain east of Beijing, and is regarded among the 15-most pre-eminent mountains in Chinese history. ?

Mountain Panshan is famed for its 3 twists, 5 peaks, 8 rocks and 72 temples and monasteries. According to the geographical advantage, Mt Panshan naturally forms the three twists. Among them, the bottom twist features free-flowing crystal water while the central and upper twists are characterized by peculiar rocks and a vast sea of pine trees respectively. The five peaks refer to the Guayue Peak, the mountain’s highest peak, and the four surrounding peaks, Zigai Peak, Zilai Peak, Wujian Peak and Jiuhu Peak. Historically speaking, there are 72 Buddha temples, 13 exquisite pagodas, and 1 royal garden, all of which were built on the mountain during the Qing Dynasty and replicate the Chengde Imperial Summer Resort. Throughout history, many emperors and scholars have been attracted to Panshan Mountain and many well-known poems and prose have been left here. The emperor Qianlong, of the Qing Dynasty, visited this elegant place 32 times and left the regretful message that, had he discovered the area earlier, he would not have travelled so far afield to areas in Southern China also renowned for their beautiful landscapes.

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Hours: 08:00-16:00
Address: Yuyang Nan Rd., Ji County
Phone: 022-29186068; 022-29181692
Admission: Adults CNY 60; Students CNY 40

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