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Situated in the Hongqiao District of Tianjin City, the Tianjin Great Mosque is one of the most famous mosques in China and is also the best-preserved Islamic architectural complex in Tianjin. The mosque was originally   built in 1644 during the Qing Dynasty and then reconstructed and expanded several times thereafter. ?

This brilliant and magnificent building consists of the Screen Wall, the Entrance Hall, the Prayer Hall and the Preaching Hall. Among them, the Prayer Hall is the most used and revered, and is the focal point for worship among Tianjin’s Muslim population. It is a spectacular sight indeed, as the hall is capable of holding up to 1000 people. The hall looks splendid in green and gold, with elegant decorations and exquisite coloring.  In the mosque, 60 tablets and couplets written in Arabic and Chinese characters are hung in the main hall and most of them are the works of masters’ craftsmen and artists.  Moreover, the mosque also houses two mini versions of the Alcoran, which is miniature in size and very rare and valuable.

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