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Accommodations in Turpan: There are dozens of hotels with star ratings, including 1 five star hotel in Turpan by the end of 2008, according to source from China Online Hotels. There are many economic hotels catering to young budget travelers.
If you are looking for some cheap accommodation options in Turpan, we have built a list of popular hostels in Turpan.

Popular Hostels in Turpan:
Gao Chang Hostel
Address: No.22 Gao Chang Road, Turpan city, Xinjiang
Phone: 0995-8523229

Lan Xin Hostel
Address: No.13 Laocheng Road, Turpan county-level city, Xinjiang
Phone: 0995- 8531740

Central Hostel
Address: Turpan county-level city, Xinjiang
Phone: 0995- 8522807

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