Turpan History

History of Turpan started with the continous struggles between the Han dynasty or Han Chinese and the Xiongnu (Mongolian) tribesmen. Turpan remained a coveted region for many centuries and both groups   wanted this area under their power. During the Yuan dynasty, the Silk Road flourished like never before and Turpan became a major oasis along the Silk Road.

From 487 to 541 AD Turfan was an independent Kingdom ruled by a Turkish tribe known to the Chinese as the Gaoche. During the 7th, 8th, and early 9th centuries the Tang, the Empire of Tibet, and the Turks fought for that region. Under Tang rule, Turfan became a center of major commercial activity between Chinese and Sogdian merchants. In 856AD, the Uyghurs established a Kingdom in Turfan known as the Uyghuria Idikut state or Kara-Khoja Uyghur Idikut Kingdom that lasted till 1389 AD as a vassal of the Mongol Empire.

Turpan became independent before the founding of People’s Republic of China. The region then consisted of 3 counties such as Turpan County, Shanshan County and Toksun County. In 1984, Turpan County was transformed into Turpan city.
Turpan is one of the two centers of Uyghur cultures. Its unique music, dance, costume, religion, etiquette, dining, living habits and architecture styles makes Tupan more charming. The Gaochang style music was very popular in Chang’an, the capital during Tang dynasty.

very popular in Chang’an, the capital during Tang dynasty.

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